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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Do the Opposite ( a frightening read for Halloween)

Pueblo, CO. Oct. 20, 2015 -- Everyone wants their advertisement to stand out among the rest. Every advertiser wants to be seen. After all, what good is an ad if no one sees it? This is especially true when it comes to print ads. When your ad is surrounded by dozens of others, all screaming for attention, what real chance does your message stand of being seen, read and heard? 

Unfortunately, this is where some business owners go awry. Some will try to design the ad themselves (because there is so much at stake), with no real knowledge about ad design (and it does show), because they think their personal taste in art is adequate for the task. Ads are not about the aesthetic quality of art. Ads are about visual psychology. We are dealing with the public; thus, we are dealing with a entity much bigger than our own personal tastes. When having a graphic design company create your ad, make sure it is someone who has some real skin in the game. In other words, make sure the success of the ad also reflects on the designer's ability to create the eye-catching masterpiece. Your ad may indeed end up being a real work of art -- but does it STaND OuT? 

Most everyone has a tendency to follow trends in art, in clothing, in architecture and even thinking, but where does that get the person who needs to be SEEN in the jungle of sameness, even if the sameness is beautiful, fresh and aesthetically appealing?  Here is the secret to producing a print ad that will be seen --- it is so simple.

No, really -- we mean it. Scary thought, right?
Just try it.
Same principle can be applied to success in your business... even more terrifying.
Just try it. YOU may just be the next trend-setter!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

QCM and The Insane Asylum

by: Lu Velazquez, QCM

Bob and Nell Mitchell
Pueblo CO. October 3, 2015 -- Quantum Creative Media would like to introduce one of our favorite clients, the folks who run the Museum at the Colorado Mental Health Institution at Pueblo -- Bob and Nell Mitchell. The Mitchell's have made the up-keep of the museum at The Insane Asylum (formally known as) a mission of love. Each time they come in with their latest project, we are constantly amazed with their ideas for furthering the awareness and education about the artifacts and life of former patients.
Straight Jacket

One of the first projects they brought to us was developing a presentation where Nell wrote the narrative and we recorded both Bob and Nell doing the narration. There was also a map of the extensive tunnel system under the Asylum campus that they wanted to have made into a nice display. We developed a rather instructional graphic design, highlighting all the tunnels and adding old photos in the margins so the reader can capture the feel of these underground rivers of activity. Nell has also has written a book about the history of the Colorado Mental Health Institution at Pueblo (as it is now called).

Patrick Cottage
Miles of service tunnels under the campus

The Colorado Mental Health Institution at Pueblo was founded in 1879. This institution has been through many changes over the years and has seen the development of mental healthcare to the paradigm we know today. This facility first began as simple "housing" of the mentally ill to a more institutional setting. From the institutional setting it moved into a "cottage" paradigm. The cottage paradigm suffered from over crowing and necessitated a shift to a much more structured model as reflected by the architecture in the newer buildings. Food and goods were transported through the extensive tunnel system under the acreage where upon this institution sits.
This is just a taste of what you will find at the museum. We let Bob and Nell take you on a tour of a time long ago at the Insane Asylum.
If you ever find yourself in Pueblo, Colorado - stop by this fascinating museum and meet Bob and Nell. They will make the history of this institution come alive.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

From Ambulance to Mobile Dog Training Unit

by: Lu Velazquez, QCM

Douglas and Jaymes applying graphics
Pueblo, CO Sept. 23, 2015 -- Quantum Creative Media has a new vehicle graphics project! This project entails decking out an ambulance that was purchased by Jori Pollard, with the vision of converting it into a mobile, dog training unit.

Jori stated that she had been eyeing this ambulance on a used car lot. She said she thought is was being repaired but it sat there for weeks. Finally, she inquired about the ambulance and it was for sale! "I had to do it." she stated.

Jori invested some time and money, installing an AC unit and an awning to make her clients and their pets much more comfortable. The only thing left
Completed and ready to roll!
to add were the graphics. The graphic design was a little tricky due to the color of the vehicle being red and dodging all the lights and such. We really wanted her message to pop.

Jori came to pick up her new vehicle today. She walked around it slowly as a very big smile lit up her face. "I'm stoked! I really love it. It's bad looking!" As she cranked up the big diesel engine and pulled out, already we could see people turning their heads to take a gander at this statement piece. 

We, at Quantum Creative Media, wish Jori and Sit Means Sit the best of luck in her business ventures! Quite a lady with a very unique vision.

Friday, September 11, 2015

An Addendum to the Blog Follow the Follower

by: Lu Velazquez

Pueblo, Colorado - Sept. 11, 2015 - I recommend that you read the Sept. 3rd blog on "Following the Follower". What is needed now is --  those who have taken the initiative to read the Sept. 3rd blog, now will be totally edified by listening to this:

This is our gift to you. The Strangest Secret. This is the philosophy of QCM.
Wishing you and yours great success and happiness,
Quantum Creative Media

Domino's Goes Emissions Free with Custom Wrapped, Electric Delivery Cars

by Lu Velazquez

PUEBLO, Colorado. - Sept. 15, 2015 - Domino’s is going electric! Tony Mand has had the innovative insight to reduce the carbon monoxide emissions in the towns where his pizza delivery facilities reside. Not only did he purchase a fleet of Nissan, no emissions, Leaf vehicles he is having them wrapped by Quantum Wraps in the eye-catching red, white and blue Domino’s logo.

Vehicle wraps are becoming a popular and cost effective way to advertise one’s business, hobby or interest. Wrapping a vehicle increases your R.O.I. (return on investment). In a recent Trucking Association’s study of vehicle occupants and pedestrians, 98% said vehicle graphics created a positive image for the company. 96% said vehicle graphics had more impact than billboards. 75% of people developed an impression about a company and its products. 29% would base a buying decision on that impression.

Quantum Creative Media owner, Douglas Howard, stated, “We need to do something to thank business owners like Tony Mand who show community responsibility by doing what they can. Domino’s is improving the lives of their employees by reducing the wear and tear on their personal vehicles while contributing to the air quality of the community as a whole.”

Quantum Wraps (a division of Quantum Creative Media) at 1401 1/2 W 4th. St. is hosting an evening outdoor photo shoot of the Domino’s fleet of Nissan Leaf cars that have been wrapped in the Domino’s logo. The photo shoot time and date will soon be announced at Quantum Creative Media.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Follow the Follower

by: Lu Velazquez QCM
copywriter/ photographer

I have a teenage daughter. The perpetual quest for teenagers is to be unique - original. However, it is the "forest for the trees" scenario. In the great search for uniqueness, I find that teenagers all look astoundingly similar (for the most part). They dress  alike, talk alike, music interests are very similar, watch the same shows and roll their eyes up in their heads when this observation is pointed out. What is even more disturbing is that we carry this behavior into adulthood. Worse yet, we steep our business practices in this philosophy of keeping the status quo, not venturing too far from the norm and relying on trends to give us an illusion of being unique.  As Earl Nightingale once said, "We play the game of follow the follower." He goes on to say, "If everyone is doing it, then do the opposite and you will be successful." (from the short film The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale, 1970)

What does being original mean?
Are you playing the game of follow the follower? In his short film The Greatest Secret, Earl Nightingale tells a story of a man who who used to stop in front of a jewelry store and set his watch by the large timepiece hanging outside. One day, the owner of the shop was sweeping outside his shop when he noticed this man adjusting his watch. The owner asked him, "I have seen you stop and set your watch by my clock for years. May I ask why?" The man replied, "I am the foreman at the plant down the street and part of my job is to sound the whistle when work ends for the day." "Well," said the jeweler with a puzzled look, "I set my clock by the factory whistle I hear every day." This little tales holds a double whammy. First, it is a prime example of following the follower but even more detrimental is that neither one of the gentlemen stopped to check their source of information! Delve deep into where you are getting your information from and you may just be surprised to find out that the man who gives you all your financial advice has had his office in a little hole on the poorest side of town for years.

Following Trends Creates an Illusion of Uniqueness 
Another follow the follower trend is to have a Life-Coach. I had a friend who was a Life Coach. I used to rib her a bit about it because her life was a mess! " And people pay you to give them advice?" I used to ask her incredulously.  She stated, "Well, I have you to keep me grounded." I promptly replied, "So where is my money?" If your Life Coach lives in your neighborhood, you might want to up-grade to a person who lives in a part of town that you would like to live in one day. Another bit of advice; make sure they ran a very successful business before they became a Life Coach. Research your sources or you are no better than the man Earl Nightingale made reference to who set his watch by another man's mistaken source of time accuracy .

Douglas Howard, Owner of QCM
Quantum Creative Media started operations in the basement of Douglas Howard's home. Douglas graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas and held a corporate position as a graphic designer for a very large operation in Denver, Colorado.  He observed, first hand, the following of the follower. The situation became so disturbing that he did something about it. He quit his position with all the comforts of a steady "job" and ventured to create something unique -- a place where art and creativity is only limited by his customers' imagination. As the old saying goes, "If it were easy, everyone would do it." It has only been two and a half years since he jumped off that cliff and Quantum Creative Media has gone from the basement of his home to a comfortable facility with clean bays, employees for who art is a passion and customer service that is truly amazing. The growth has been steady and there are dreams yet to be fulfilled. Douglas broke away from following the followers and is now leading a company that has a unique vision of art and customer service; beautifying towns and cities one sign, vehicle, business and website at a time.

Monday, August 17, 2015

You Have Every Reason To... ROI

 Did you know that wrapping your vehicle has crazy ROI?! ROI stands for Return on Investment. Let's take a peek at a few numbers just to prove our point. After reading this, you will think twice about that newspaper or radio ad.
The ROI formula to calculate your return on your investment is simple:
return on investment = (gain from investment – cost of investment) / cost of investment.

What are "Impressions"? Impressions are the opportunities for customers, clients and consumers to see your message. This chart only shows the number of impressions but impressions also have a price. How much money did you spend to have (per person) see your message?  Again, wrapping your vehicle still wins by a long shot! The CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions for Vehicle advertising will run a mere $0.67! Now let's compare that to radio, say the 6:00 am drive, it will cost you approx. $6.15, the local newspaper (for a quarter page) approx. $11.70 and television (30 secs. primetime) approx. $20.50. (CMMMR, American Trucking Association)

In a recent Trucking Association’s study of vehicle occupants and pedestrians, 98% said vehicle graphics created a positive image for the company. 96% said vehicle graphics had more impact than billboards. 75% of people developed an impression about a company and its products. 29% would base a buying decision on that impression.
(vehicle graphics statistics)

So...which pizza delivery truck would you remember?

Please check out our Facebook page for some unusual projects and join us in the graphic design madness!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Is A Wrap All That, And A Bag of Chips?

We're  sure you have seen more and more of these vehicles on the streets and highways that are all decked out with company logos, artwork, personal hobbies and promotions. As wrap products improve, the client's choices are only limited by their imagination. Yes, it all looks very cool but, for the business owner, does it really pay? Is the investment really worth it? Here at Quantum Wraps we give this answer a big, fat YES. 

Time is showing that the investment of wrapping one's vehicle (or fleet of vehicles) is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are three reasons why:
1. For the price of and ad being run in the local paper for 6 weeks to 8 weeks, one could afford a wrap. The wrap has no expiration date
and will advertise for you 24/7
2. When you wrap a vehicle, that vehicle goes to areas that are already known to bring business so you are automatically marketing to the right audience.
3.  A wrap can make an older vehicle look new again with a fresh image that is cutting edge, saving money on having to buy newer vehicles to maintain that professional look.
These are just three reasons. There are more... .
Wraps are becoming the image-makers. How often do we hear, "I saw that truck you did today! Can't miss it!" or "That car is one of a kind. Looks great!" Most importantly, the business owners themselves report a marked increase in business after their vehicle is wrapped.
Think about it. Could your business use that extra spark of life? Are you looking to boost your visibility and image quality? Looking for more clients/customers? A wrap is an investment that will pay for itself. Try it. You won't be disappointed.

Quantum Wraps 719. 543 . WRAP (9727)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Audio and Visual Media: A Word to Business Owners

Douglas Howard; On location photo shoot

Visual media is at the heart of all good advertising. It is a component to good story-telling.  It has been said that, "A picture is worth a thousand words." So it is that we see stories, we see messages. We are in the visual age.

QCM Sound Studio

Before visual media was as prominent as it is today (before the deluge of television and movies), the audio media and words were held as very powerful means to educate, promote or advertise a message. Words were used to paint pictures so another person hearing a story could more readily imagine the scene or feel the emotion that the other person was trying to convey. Language was, and still is, very important even though it seems in process of being a lost art. Words moved people to action, to laugh and to tears. There were great orators in our not so distant past such as Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, (and among our last great orators) John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King -- just to name a few.

Today, a massive billboard of a sneaker with a symbol of a swoosh speaks volumes to those who see it and each person is left to interpret the message to suit their need. To one, it may present itself as a status symbol. To another person, it may encourage them to think about getting fit and to some, it screams corporate culture. It needs to be remembered that we are in charge of what image we chose to be known by. Images do speak a thousand words. Images are about first impressions. A good first impression is a very good start when you are attempting to convey a message to someone because they are more likely to listen.  Powerful images coupled with powerful words yield powerful results. A few well chosen words still can move people to action. A simple, uncluttered picture can evoke feelings. So what feelings to you want your customers to have and what action to you wish them to take?

QCM Photography Studio with green screen

At Quantum Creative Media, we are committed to both the visual and audio media. Carefully crafted words along with meticulously chosen images is the key to best expressing a message or to share an idea. Whether we are constructing a brochure, website or blog, we prefer crisp, clear, original images coupled with concise, meaningful language to best get your message across to your audience. Our photography and recording studio allow our clients to make custom media presentations such as Powerpoint, CDs, YouTube videos, custom slideshows of special events and more!

What do your images say about you? Is your copy drawing in customers or making your ideas known and heard? As a business owner, go outside and take a look at your sign. Is the image faded or half the lights out at night? Is that image on your sign or logo really say what you want it to-- about you and your company or did you just settle? What condition is your sign in and are the words on that sign meaningful or are they some outmoded tag-line? Are you on YouTube, sharing your services and educating potential customers on your particular expertise? Do you have a story to tell, a point to get across, a message to be heard or services and products to sell? We at Quantum Creative Media are here to promote YOU.

Friday, May 8, 2015

It's A Wrap!

Quantum Creative Media's division for vehicle graphics and wraps is up and running! Quantum Wraps had its first car in the bay and Gotta Play Motorsports is beefing up its look for an event in Florida. Pictures to come!

Quantum Wraps latest service:
Looking for a really cool Camo wrap? Sure, you can buy the kit these days and have someone install it for you but how would you like to have your truck and trailer custom Camo wrapped? This is what sets Quantum Wraps apart. We have a photographer and a graphic designer  (Douglas Howard, a graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas) who will photograph the foliage in the area where you hunt (or similar). Why just Camo it when you can custom Camo it?

Now that Quantum Wraps is well on its way, Quantum Creative Media is pulling out all the stops on the Social Media Management division. What we once were calling a "time burner" now has become the best way to get the word out about your club, interest, business or cause. Facebook, Twitter and blogging not only put information about you and your endeavor out there, but used professionally, it can actually increase your SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization is a key component to business whether you are looking to increase your client base around the world or just in town.  When people search the internet for products and services, good SEO will put your products and services right up front -- ahead of hundreds or even thousands of people who are in the same business or field of interest. The problem with this aspect of marketing is that it does take time -- time that most small businesses (and even not so small business) just do not have. It also requires a certain amount of expertise so you can get the most return for your time spent.

Quantum Creative Media's Social Media Management Service provides the client with professional yet personal copy that will engage your readers, expand your customer base and boost your SEO. Namely, it will put you and your company, business, cause or interest ahead of thousands of other folks who neglect to address this aspect of their business. Face it, when Googling for products or services, not many people will look beyond the second page to make that first call. Quantum Social Media Management will keep your pages fresh and up to date, giving you the leading edge when it comes to attention to detail and increasing your SEO.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quantum Wraps -- Moving Day (again)...

Moving Day!
http://www.quantumcreativemedia.comAbout a month ago, we made the great leap of faith and decided to add a second location to Quantum Creative Media. This second location was to be called Quantum Wraps due to the fact that this space was going to be dedicated to vehicle graphics and specialty wraps. Since all the printing and production equipment was going to be located at this site, banners, signs and other vinyl graphics were going to be produced here as well. Yes, the operative phrase here is  -- "were going to". As this prospective scenario played itself out, we did move into the new location but after about 3 weeks, the plan went awry. As we learned, sharing bay space with another company is never a good idea. So if you are thinking about sharing any kind of business space with anyone (even if they are your friends)  remember these old words of wisdom, "Good fences make good neighbors." In business, personal space is very important. This lesson was learned and excepted. Now to move forward.

The new home of Quantum Wraps
Even though we were still reeling from the bizarre nature of this event, there was no time to waste in moving forward with our vision for Quantum Wraps. We had six days to find another location and move! It was down right surrealistic how perfect the timing was for everything. There was no immediate printing to be done. All our current projects were web related so there was no real down time. We were able to quickly (within 24 hours) obtain a location that we had previously looked into but the owner of the building was not ready to take action at that time. He had been using this location as a personal storage space and dreaded having to remove years of accumulated items from the premises. However, this time around held a much more promising story. He stated, "Yes, now it is time for me to get moving on this. I just have to do it." And he did. The building was emptied and cleaned in record timing. We are very grateful to Kent Boardman (the owner of Boardman RV in Pueblo West) for all his hard work getting the building in shape for Quantum Wraps to start business as soon as possible.

 Perfect for installing vehicle graphics
Full basement. New Recording studio?
Moving day arrived. We were still recovering from the last move. To shine some light on the dark cloud of dread, we kept focused on the end result -- a perfect location all our own. By perfect, we mean just that.  Not only does this location face one of the busiest streets in Pueblo, it has two large bays, office area, a private kitchen and bathroom area and a full basement. Perfect. We at QCM are living proof that events that, at first glance, may seem less than fortuitous are actually the "powers" that be, trying to give us that which we have been really desiring -- if we let it. It really is all about choices. In business, we can choose to revert back to the comfortable when we perceive events as obstacles or we can continue to move forward when we perceive them instead as challenges that only strengthen our resolve.

Moving in. Vinyl will be moving too!

We would also like to thank Joe Prescia (American Joe, Pueblo's Professional Handyman) and Drake DiNero with Dip Art Hydrographics for helping with this move on short notice.

"Q" stands for Quality
The new location of Quantum Wraps is at 1401 1/2 W. 4th St.  Pueblo, CO. At this site, we will be focusing on vehicle graphics, wraps, banners and signs. Quantum Creative Media studio at 2703 N. Elizabeth St. will provide the video/audio recording and photography for QCM. The website services, social media management division and copywriter services will be based at N. Elizabeth as well. The sign  for Quantum Wraps will be going up this week and we will be opening our bays for business. Stop by if you have a moment, either on-line or in person.  We would like the opportunity to assist you with  your graphic design, signs, banners, wraps and visual communication needs and show you how great your business can look. Our "Q" stands for QUALITY and our motto is, "If you don't look good, neither do we."