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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Do the Opposite ( a frightening read for Halloween)

Pueblo, CO. Oct. 20, 2015 -- Everyone wants their advertisement to stand out among the rest. Every advertiser wants to be seen. After all, what good is an ad if no one sees it? This is especially true when it comes to print ads. When your ad is surrounded by dozens of others, all screaming for attention, what real chance does your message stand of being seen, read and heard? 

Unfortunately, this is where some business owners go awry. Some will try to design the ad themselves (because there is so much at stake), with no real knowledge about ad design (and it does show), because they think their personal taste in art is adequate for the task. Ads are not about the aesthetic quality of art. Ads are about visual psychology. We are dealing with the public; thus, we are dealing with a entity much bigger than our own personal tastes. When having a graphic design company create your ad, make sure it is someone who has some real skin in the game. In other words, make sure the success of the ad also reflects on the designer's ability to create the eye-catching masterpiece. Your ad may indeed end up being a real work of art -- but does it STaND OuT? 

Most everyone has a tendency to follow trends in art, in clothing, in architecture and even thinking, but where does that get the person who needs to be SEEN in the jungle of sameness, even if the sameness is beautiful, fresh and aesthetically appealing?  Here is the secret to producing a print ad that will be seen --- it is so simple.

No, really -- we mean it. Scary thought, right?
Just try it.
Same principle can be applied to success in your business... even more terrifying.
Just try it. YOU may just be the next trend-setter!

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