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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

From Ambulance to Mobile Dog Training Unit

by: Lu Velazquez, QCM

Douglas and Jaymes applying graphics
Pueblo, CO Sept. 23, 2015 -- Quantum Creative Media has a new vehicle graphics project! This project entails decking out an ambulance that was purchased by Jori Pollard, with the vision of converting it into a mobile, dog training unit.

Jori stated that she had been eyeing this ambulance on a used car lot. She said she thought is was being repaired but it sat there for weeks. Finally, she inquired about the ambulance and it was for sale! "I had to do it." she stated.

Jori invested some time and money, installing an AC unit and an awning to make her clients and their pets much more comfortable. The only thing left
Completed and ready to roll!
to add were the graphics. The graphic design was a little tricky due to the color of the vehicle being red and dodging all the lights and such. We really wanted her message to pop.

Jori came to pick up her new vehicle today. She walked around it slowly as a very big smile lit up her face. "I'm stoked! I really love it. It's bad looking!" As she cranked up the big diesel engine and pulled out, already we could see people turning their heads to take a gander at this statement piece. 

We, at Quantum Creative Media, wish Jori and Sit Means Sit the best of luck in her business ventures! Quite a lady with a very unique vision.

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